Carisma Comercial

Counting on a team of experienced and trained professionals, Carisma Comercial is a Foreign Trade company which started operating in 1995. As from 2010, with Brazil’s growing interest in foreign brands, the company has been experiencing its best moment and begins to invest strongly on the import operations management, from obtaining the Radar to the delivery of goods to the end customer. Carisma’s solutions service the whole Brazilian territory, with imports, exports, distribution and process management, as well as several foreign countries in the American, European and Asian continents.

Our strongest differentials are the customer service quality guaranteed by the ISO 9.001  total quality certification and the Dun & Bradstreet international credit certification, rating 1 to 2.

The company’s head offices are in Vitoria – ES and the branches in the states of Alagoas, Santa Catarina and São Paulo

In Carisma Comercial’s customer relations, the confidentiality policy is the basic principle, to act responsibly while safeguarding confidential customer data, without disclosing, publishing, disseminating or any other practice which may compromise the commercial or financial security, avoiding access to its partners’ important and strategic data.

All confidential information given to Carisma Comercial and to its staff, consultants, representatives and collaborators, in writing (including electronic records) or verbally, shall be treated with the strictest secrecy.

Likewise, Carisma Comercial does not authorize its service providers, collaborators and third parties in general to promote, in anyway, publicizing and using the company’s confidential information, consequently safeguarding the signed agreements on the risks inherent to the respective commercial activity.

Therefore, all commercial negotiations involving Carisma Comercial, be it as contracted or contractor, must comply with the confidentiality policy in place, restricting access to confidential information only to people involved and authorized by a signed agreement, mainly regarding financial, operational, and conceptual information as well as on commercial strategies.


To offer practical and smart solutions, providing a differentiated work with high quality, sustainability and security standards, to be the best choice in Foreign Trade solutions


Customer fidelization
Partnership building
People valuing and respect
Respect for the environment
Social responsibility          


  • Telas MM
  • Grupo Iguatemi
  • Burberry
  • Diane Von Furstemberg
  • Moncler
  • MaxMara
  • Marina Rinaldi
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Vilebrequin
  • Bluequest
  • Grupo União
  • Amazing
  • Izettle
  • IAN
  • World Comex


To be recognized for the quality of its services, becoming a reference in foreign trade.

Quality policy

Solution in foreign trade operations, of own products or for third parties, prioritizing customer needs, supplier partnership and valuing of collaborators, aiming at driving the growth of Carisma Comercial, through continuous improvement of the quality management system and compliance to applicable requirements.